IPSec. Security by design.

At IPSec we believe that in order to truly master Information Security you need to think like an attacker - know what they’re looking for and how they would go about getting it. We also believe the ability to think in this manner is intrinsic, but translating it into practical solutions is directly related to the experience you have in the field. (Irit Potter, IPSec Founder and CEO)

IPSec. Setting high standards.

IPSec was founded at 2004 on the belief that information security is one the pillars supporting a strong and stable business. Leveraging over a decade of experience, providing information security consultancy for the leading enterprises within the telecommunications, defense, financial industries and more.by founding IPSec we have set a new standard for information security consulting.

IPSec is globally recognized as a leader in developing successful information security consultancy projects.The company provides top-line consulting services for international organizations seeking airtight solutions for information and cyber security, risk management, revenue assurance, fraud management and penetration testing.
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Our Services

Revenue Assurance
As organizations become more complex, they also become more vulnerable. We live in an era when organizational networks, operations and other business processes are so complex they face what has become one of the greatest
Fraud Management
IPSec offer not only multi-segment global expertise, but also the ability to continuously learn and incorporate the most advanced tools and disciplines into our solutions. We have the knowledge and technology to mitigate
Risk Assessment
IPSec’s systematic risk assessment methodology includes testing and evaluation procedures designed to: categorize and identify risks by likelihood of occurrence, develop cost-benefit analyses, recommend which technical a
Cyber Security
At IPSec we are committed to providing innovative, reliable, tailor-made services by focusing on the client’s specific security needs and potential threats. Our comprehensive knowledge and proficiency in counter-cyber pr